“The future doesn’t belong to the light-hearted. It belongs to the brave.”

Ronald Reagan

About Deliberately Social


Deliberately Social is a resource run by me, Todd Temaat, to teach proven strategies for building a responsive audience on social media so you can turn your dreams of changing your world into a reality.

If you've got a dream of changing your life, your family's life, your business or your non-profit by building a community of like-minded people on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms, you share my passion.

My long-term goal is to help nonprofits find ways to increase awareness of the issues they address and the solutions they offer so they can serve their clientele better and more effectively raise needed funds. In order to reach that goal, I promote trusted affiliate products as well as my own products, coaching and seminars. Please see my affiliate disclaimer for more information.

Ultimately, I want this site, along with my YouTube channel and Facebook page to help you impact as many lives for good as you possibly can. Please join the movement!

Who is Todd Temaat?


I'm a family guy in my forties who learned (and continues to learn) about building a community on YouTube because I wanted to provide for my family after I left the Air Force in 2011.

In the picture above, you'll see my wife of (almost) 30 years, my four kids and my daughter-in-law. It's crazy for a guy in his forties to have all adult children, huh?! I started early...still in high school, actually...

After I graduated from high school, I started college but dropped out after 2 months and joined the Air Force. My family and I got to move all over the country and even lived in Germany for a couple years during my 21-year career. The Air Force (and serving my country) was very good to us.

As I prepared to leave the service in 2008, I started investigating making money online through affiliate marketing. I hoped I could move straight from my Air Force job into working from home...but it didn't quite work out like that!

Since that time, I've tried my hand at building niche websites, running a digital advertising firm and so many affiliate offers I can't even remember them all. I made a little here and there, but I couldn't find a way to consistently, sustainably make an income.

I also discovered there is no shortage of people with courses to sell that revealed the next sure-fire method to rake in huge profits. And while some of the courses were helpful, none of them paid off like promised!

And I bought A LOT of these 'sure-fire' courses...at least $30,000 worth...probably closer to $40,000!

Now that it's 2019 and I've learned more about how to build an income (and a community) online, I've found my goals and desires changing. It's no longer simply about providing for me and my family.

Travelling around the world and working where and when I want to is still a goal, but what I truly want is to help others build their dreams. I want to be able to look back when I'm 60 or 70 and feel like I've truly contributed to the world and positively impacted the lives of other dreamers like me.

I'll be the first one to admit I don't know everything about being successful online (as if that were even possible!)

But I promise you I won't recommend things simply to make a buck. I won't recommend things I haven't tried out myself. And I will always share what I've found that works as well as what doesn't work. The best place to connect is on YouTube - please subscribe to my channel.

Don't Worry


If you've spent any time on social media trying to reach an audience that cares, you've probably had some struggles. And you might even think it's a waste of time or that you're too late.

But it isn't a waste of time and you're not too late!

Your audience is out there...and they need to hear from you. You are the only one that can tell your story to your audience. Whether you're an affiliate marketer like me or a nonprofit trying to reach out...your audience needs to hear from you.

What you need is a plan that makes sense for you, your situation and your audience...and then ​a lot of deliberate action.

That's exactly why I started Deliberately Social...to help you clarify your message, define your market and amplify your impact. And to do it without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars like I did!

Thanks for reading this! I'd love to have you join my community of life changers...